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Why The Mini C-Arm Is Just Right For You

In a situation where a mini c-arm is sufficient and better, a conventional C-Arm would be too much. After all, the mini c-arm is capable of providing the services needed while also being portable.

One of the many distinct advantages of a mini c-arm over a conventional one is its size. The small size of the mini c-arm makes it easily maneuverable and doesn’t take too much space. That can be very advantageous if the space available at your office is limited.

A significant benefit of a mini c-arm is that it does not need a radiographer. Instead, it can be operated by the surgeon alone. That makes it the most suitable to be used during a surgery reducing delays and costs associated. It is the go-to solution for hand, foot and ankle surgeries due to its easy maneuverability and simple use. The detector area being small, the mini c-arm does not require high laser power.

All this does not mean that the mini c-arm fits every situation perfectly. The conventional c-arm provides better image quality than the mini c-arm. This is a known given the low power x-ray generator and the small detector area. Also, the mini c-arm is to be used for extremity surgeries. But the conventional c-arm is not so. It is ideal for axial surgery as well as extremity surgery.

As you can see if the mini c-arm is sufficient for your situation, the benefits it provides are numerous. So if the mini c-arm is just right for you, it’s high time you got one. Contact Amber Diagnostics now to get the best Mini C Arm for Sale. Talk to the experts at Amber Diagnostics to have the rest of your questions answered. Amber Diagnostics USA is a reputed firm in the market for distributing the best quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment. Amber Diagnostics USA is ready to guide you from your very first phone call till the final delivery or installation of you medical imaging equipment.

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