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Who Gets Custody Of The Pet In A Divorce?

Pets are just like immediate family to most of us. Although we consider them to be another part of our family, the court considers them as another piece of property. As with children, they do not consider “best interests” as such when determining who gets to keep the pet. Instead, the spouses have to decide about the pets among themselves during property division negotiations.

While physical property division in itself is rarely easygoing, add our beloved pets to the list and complicate it further. Our emotional attachment to our pets keeps us from letting the other spouse have them. Some clients are even willing to part with some other property just for the sake of keeping their pets close.

Nevertheless, if the spouses fail to settle among themselves as to who keeps the pet, the matter moves to court. The court can let either spouse keep the pet as there’s no best interest of the pet being considered here. The court will just treat your pets as another piece of your many properties.

That is why divorce gets complicated. There are so many matters coming into it that you take too long to realize. But your Divorce Lawyer can help you take these matters into consideration from the start of the divorce itself. Just because the two spouses are ready to part ways doesn’t mean that it’s settled. Your Divorce Lawyer will tell you that most of the issues start to rise once you reach property division.

Divorce is challenging emotionally and mentally. But if you go to the right Divorce Lawyer Orlando, it can be less of a burden. Erin Morse can help you get through your divorce by competently fighting your case. Call the Law Office of Erin Morse now to schedule an appointment with the best family law attorney in town.

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