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What To Consider When Relocating Your Imaging Equipment

Medical imaging equipment has become significant in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry has gained a substantial advantage in being able to diagnose and offer efficient patient care through these devices. Medical imaging equipment can be described as devices that use a technique and a set of processes that allow the creation and visual representation of the inside of an individual’s body. These devices have developed vastly over time. With that being said the different forms of imaging equipment include portable x-ray machines, portable MRI scans, digital GE x ray equipment, etc.

Once you receive a brand new piece of medical imaging equipment, it becomes a prized possession in a facility. This is because the value of an effective medical imaging device is high. So, relocating these devices should be done with the utmost care and consideration.

There may be multiple reasons for relocating medical imaging equipment. Maybe you’ve purchased a new device and it’s now designated for another healthcare facility. Maybe you’re moving to a different facility and have to begin moving all equipment to the new area. Or maybe you’ve simply purchased a used and refurbished piece of equipment from a vendor or healthcare facility. Whatever the reason, there are multiple things to consider before moving.

A few of the considerations to keep in mind include:

• Is the area spacious enough?

Each piece of medical imaging equipment comes with its own specifications. The facility or room where the device would be placed needs to be of adequate space. This means a few factors need to be considered such as:

The doorway needs to be of sufficient space.
The floor needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the machine.
There needs to be enough electrical power to power the system.
Deciding whether or not the walls would require to be moved or if a crane should be used.
Whatever the approach is taken for this project, it is essential for the facilities manager to be involved during the entire process. This means the facilities manager also has to be present during the purchase or movement of the machine.

• Hiring professionals.

Medical imaging equipment machinery can be very complicated. Assembling and disassembling of the systems should not be trusted to just anyone. It’s always a better idea for a third party professional organization or the vendor specialists to help with these processes.

• Installation of the system.

Once the team has established that the system needs to be moved, they should have a plan for the movement itself. It can take as long as a week since there are multiple parts to be moved.

• Calibrate the new system.

Once the installation process is over, you’re not finished. Medical machinery is sensitive and would most probably require calibration before patients arrive.

• Double check everything.

Once everything seems done, it is essential to review every step and detail again.

It would always be a good idea to speak to a professional when it comes to choosing your medical imaging equipment. If you’re looking for a trusted and reputed firm to issue used and refurbished medical imaging equipment, Amber Diagnostics is the place for you. We guarantee high-quality medical imaging devices while ensuring efficient service. Contact us now for inquiries!

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