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Top 3 frequently asked questions.

Mammogram screenings are currently the most effective tool for detecting breast cancer before the symptoms appear. Early breast cancer detection not only offers women with a variety of choices for treatment but also increases the chance of the best possible outcome.

Before getting a mammography exam done, it has been gathered that the following are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the scan.

1. How high is the risk of radiation from receiving regular mammograms?

When a patient is about to receive a mammogram, and they have concerns regarding radiation exposure, they may have to ask their healthcare provider about the amount of radiation that they may be exposed to during the procedure and how it may affect them depending on their particular situation. However, when performing mammograms, special care is taken to ensure that the lowest possible amount of radiation is used when a physician conducts the exam.

2. What should I expect when getting a mammogram?

It is essential for women to avoid using lotions, powders, deodorant, and should wear two-piece clothing for the exam. The radiologist would ask the patient to change into a provided gown and stand next to the x-ray machine. There would be the requirement of slowly compressing the breasts with the machine that may sometimes be painful. However, it is necessary to produce quality images for diagnosis.

3. Are mammograms painful?

Some women find that the compression used for developing the images may something be uncomfortable or painful. Timing the mammogram to when the breasts aren’t at a tender stage is essential. However, each x-ray only takes a few seconds, and these mammography exams could save your life.

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