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Tips To Prepare A Divorce Petition Properly.

A divorce petition is a document that is used to initiate the divorce process. Each state differs in their requirements as to what should be included in the petition. Although the petition form may vary in each state, the basic information of the petition is typically quite similar. The following steps can be attended for the preparation of a petition:

  • Provide all the necessary information to fill the document.
    The petition should provide facts about the spouse and his/her family, including:
    – Name and address.
    – Spouse’s name and last known address.
    – The date and location of the marriage petition.
    – How long the spouse filing the petition has resided in the state.
    – The names and ages of children (if any).
  • Follow the proper steps to notify the other spouse about the divorce.
    The spouse filing the petition should deliver the petition to his/her spouse using a service method that’s approved under the law of the state.
  • Determining the areas that require special attention.
    Two major factors that require special attention include the grounds for divorce and the relief requested by the spouse.
  • Grounds for divorce.
    This could either be fault-based or no-fault based.
    A fault-based divorce is where a spouse is guilty of a wrongful act that is resulting in the need for a divorce. For instance, adultery. No-fault divorces are typically based on encompassing more benign reasons such as incompatibility.
  • Requesting relief in the divorce petition.
    The primary thing to keep in mind for requesting relief is that if the spouse doesn’t request for it in the petition, it may not be provided at all.

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