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Tips For Reducing The Radiation Exposure In CT Scanners.

When it comes to lowering CT scan radiation, that is one discussion in the healthcare industry that everyone seems to agree on. To successfully achieve radiation dose reduction, a multi-faceted approach should be followed. Experts are already working on trying to develop CT scanners with the lowest possible radiation dose while providing software for improved image quality for patients. However, there are a few practices that experts have suggested to try for reducing the current systems radiation dose for both patients and physicians.

The key steps to successfully reducing radiation dose include:

The first step begins with being educated on the matter and awareness on what is required. In the current age, technologists learn about the risks of radiation along with the techniques required for their own safety when performing a CT imaging exam as well as their patients’ safety. Since CT radiation dose has become a prominent topic, more awareness has been made, and experts are trying to address it in their training programs. Currently, technologists are being made aware of the lowest appropriate dose to achieve the necessary image quality.

The second step is to consider the patient position. The practitioner should be able to reduce the dose to as low as possible. While a lower dose is better for the health of the patient, sometimes, slightly increasing the dose can be beneficial for improved image quality. However, the best thing to do would be to assess the requirements of the patient before doing so.

The third step is to utilize the technological improvements in the market. There are a variety of low dose CT scanners available for patient safety as well as for the practitioners’ safety.

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