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Thinking of selling your used imaging equipment?

Selling something as costly and significant as medical imaging equipment may seem like a lot of work when it comes down to it. However, there are a few steps that can be followed to help make the process simple while being able to attract acceptable offers.

1. Start the search with two vendors.

When searching for prospective buyers, two vendors should be the start. There is a good chance there would be a significant amount of time and effort wasted when the seller starts discussing the matter with too many buyers.

2. Provide adequate information on the equipment.

Documentation is key to an effective sale. Ensure that the necessary information is available to provide to potential buyers. This includes photos of the equipment, serial tag images, servicing records, original sale quotations, etc. The more accurate the information is, the higher the chance would be to collect firm offers.

3. Make sure the offers make sense.

Once a set of offers in the bag, identify whether the offers make sense. If two separate offers have a vast difference, a third offer can be considered. Additionally, try to find out whether any of the offers have a chance of being canceled or withdrawn. That way the seller would be able to give priority to those who are fixed with their offers.

4. Come to a decision and stick to it.

Once a company has been selected, stick to that decision. Making a timely decision would ensure that the sale has been solidified then a procedure for de-installation and removal can be established.

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