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The site planning check-list for your CT scanner.

Every medical facility needs to conduct a variety of research when choosing medical imaging equipment. It is quite standard to find that medical imaging equipment does not come cheap, and CT scanners are no exception to the ordeal. When selecting the right CT scanner, a medical facility needs to understand how they can benefit through the implementation of the right system of the right brand, of the right slice, and so on.
Once all the critical decisions have been made regarding choosing the right CT scanner for medical practices, the next step of the process in the CT scanner project needs to start as soon as possible; The site planning process.

Below you can find a checklist which is provided to help medical facilities take the necessary major steps needed for successful preparation. If all these items can be checked off the list before the system is delivered, the output of the installation can run on time and without any surprises.

1. Provide a plan of the existing architecture to the project manager.
2. Review the plan of the completed installation provided by the project manager and make the necessary changes by involving all parties concerned with the process.
3. Send the approved plan to the project manager.
4. Send all the final plans to the contractors for their construction plan.
5. Schedule site visits and conduct thorough evaluation at the right times of the process.
6. Ensure the conduction process is completed accordingly and answer any relevant questions.
7. Provide documented evidence of the conduction to the project manager.
8. Schedule the completion date of the process.
9. Schedule the CT scanner delivery date with the transportation company.
10. Schedule additional delivery equipment if necessary such as a forklift.

While there are quite a few steps in the process, by completing all procedures with the necessary help, an optimal outcome can be achieved.

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