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The Process Of Terminating Parental Rights.

The courts generally have a vast amount of respect and empathy for parent-child relationships. This means, where it is ethical, fair, and deserved, the courts would try to retain that parent-child bond, whenever possible.

However, when it comes to termination of legal and custodial parental rights, the dismissal is reserved for extreme cases only.
This is because the result of termination involves:

• Ending the parent-child relationship.
• Cutting off inheritance rights.
• Cutting off visitation and custodial rights.
• The birth certificate of the child will no longer possess that parent’s name.
• Child support doesn’t have to be paid by that parent.

The process of terminating parental rights involves a few different measures. This includes:


Parents are provided with the opportunity to give up their parental rights voluntarily. This can be accomplished through a legally binding agreement. This contract would then be presented in courts as a termination hearing.

A petition to terminate rights.

If a parent refuses to give up his/her rights of the child, the courts would then have to make the decision. Generally, the process to terminate rights is different in each state. However, typically, the person asking the courts to terminate the rights of the child will file a petition or issue a request to the courts.

Termination hearing.

At the hearing for the termination, both parties will be present and ready to testify in support of their situations. The parent would then be provided the opportunity to tell the courts why his/her rights shouldn’t be taken away. The petitioner, however, would need to submit evidence of support for the termination.

Once the courts have heard both parties, the judge will then decide the grounds for termination according to what is in the best interest of the child.

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