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The major uses of an ultrasound.

In a clinical setting, ultrasound has a variety of uses, including gynecology, cardiology, and even cancer detection. The primary advantage of using ultrasound is that it offers the ability to observe specific structures without the use of radiation. Ultrasounds can also be conducted in a faster manner than x-rays or other forms of radiology. The following is a list of some of the most essential uses of ultrasound machines.

Obstetrics and Gynecology.

• Ultrasounds can be especially helpful for seeing and avoiding the baby during an amniocentesis procedure. Amniocentesis is a procedure involving the sampling of amniotic fluid using a needle for genetic testing. Many years ago before the introduction of ultrasounds, amniocentesis was conducted in a manner that posed a certain level of risk. However, with ultrasounds, the risk of these procedures has dropped significantly.
• Ultrasounds also provide the ability to see tumors in the ovary and breasts.


• Abnormalities in the structure and the function of the heart can be seen through ultrasounds.
• Ultrasounds allow the measurement of blood flow through the heart and major blood vessels in the body.


• The blood flow through the kidney of a patient can be measured.
• Ultrasounds allow the ability to see and detect kidney stones in patients.
• It also allows the detection of prostate cancer in the early stages.

While there has not been any documentation of substantiated ill-effects that occurred during ultrasound scans performed for animals or humans, it should still only be used when necessary to be cautious.

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