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Why is it better to opt for hard money over conventional loans? Is that the question that you’ve been asking? Here’s the answer.

Hard Money Loans Raleigh, BridgeWell Capital is by far the most qualified party to answer that question. With over 30 years of experience in lending money to real estate investors all over the country, our expertise is unparalleled.

The benefits of hard money over conventional loans is simply overwhelming. At BridgeWell Capital, we do not heed your damaged credit score or your self-employed status. We take into account the investment opportunity and look for ways to answer in the affirmative. That is not the case with traditional bank loans. Obtaining eligibility for a bank loan is impossible if you fall into one or both of those criteria mentioned above.

Also, Hard Money Loans Raleigh, BridgeWell Capital is known for its super-fast funding. We process funds within a maximum of 10 days. But that is not the case with bank loans. After being eligible, the entire process takes nearly a month or more before the funds are passed. But in the case of closing fast on the right real estate investment, that might just be too late.

Hard Money Loans Raleigh, BridgeWell Capital is overall the better option. The application process is as easy as it gets. You can request funding via a simple phone call or even apply online or fax us. Also, minimum documentation is involved making the process even simpler and faster. All that is not the case with conventional loans. Countless documentation is required, and the application process is quite tedious as well.

Now that you know which is the better option to obtain funding for your real estate investment, why delay? Venture into the real estate business with the right investment and solid backing. That is precisely what we can help you with. Contact us via our hotline or apply online now itself to request funding!

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