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Options If You Can’t Afford a Divorce.

The primary question that every individual wants to know is if divorce is always expensive. The general answer to that to that would be not always.

While there is a set amount of costs involved, it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. In fact, the total amount of costs will depend on ultimately how complex your divorce case is, how much your attorney would charge you, and if there would be any additional costs for mediators or experts. Normally, resolving issues such as alimony, child support, property distribution and child visitation is almost always in the hands of the client. The more both spouses are able to resolve issues on their own, the less expensive the case would be.

Unfortunately, when a marriage ends, there’s a good deal of hostility between both spouses. This could lead to the unwillingness to compromise on issues. If happens, then both spouses will have a heated contested case which could lead to substantially high legal fees.

Fortunately, however, there are a few alternatives to divorce, depending on the particular circumstances. If a spouse decides he/she is no longer able to stay in the marriage but doesn’t have the financial means to establish a contested divorce, the following can be taken into consideration:

  • Simple separation without any legal intervention involved in the process.
  • Legal separation which involves all the same legal procedures as a divorce but costs less.
  • Private mediation which uses a third party to help spouses settle their marital problems without the involvement of the courts.
  • The collaborative process which is a process used to work towards legal separation.

Despite the concerns regarding the financial aspects of a divorce, it is always beneficial to be able to meet with a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney Orlando FL.

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