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Medical Imaging Equipment Delivery Process.

In the current age, buying something and having it arrive almost instantly is quite common. From food to electronics, people crave instant gratification. People have currently become so used to these procedures that it is now naturally expected. However, when it comes to medical imaging equipment, it can take a little more time for deliveries. That way there can be guaranteed optimal functionality and quality once the system arrives.

Before the medical imaging equipment is shipped, a refurbishment process is performed for each system. The refurbishment process alone can take up to two weeks – although it can take longer in certain instances.

Once the refurbishment of the device is complete, the following steps need to be completed:

  • The device needs to pass all the necessary tests to ensure optimal functionality.
  • All previous data that has been stored in the device has to be removed and the memory has to be wiped clean.
  • The name of the new facilitator has to be added to the computer.

There are still a few other tasks that need to be undertaken prior to the shipment of the equipment.

Firstly, the device needs to be prepped for shipment. What this entails is getting the device for transportation by securing the equipment in plastic wrap. Doing so would ensure cosmetic damages are avoided during shipment. The next step is to make sure the device is stabilized for transportation. The more the device is stabilized, the less likely it would be to arrive with damages.

Once the device has been scheduled for shipment, the system has to be picked up from the initial location. Before leaving, the device is covered with transit sheets for additional measures of protection. Once the device has been picked up, it would then be ready for delivery. The delivery time may vary based on how far the equipment needs to travel.

Customers should always keep in mind the work that goes into the transportation of these systems. A well-reputed supplier will guarantee that the device is at quality level after arriving in the facility.

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