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Lightspeed VS Brightspeed CT Machines

In the context of today, by far the GE light speed CT scanner still dominates over the BrightSpeed system. A significant part of the reason for this is that it the BrightSpeed system took some time to catch on. In the beginning, the BrightSpeed system was looked at as a cheaper version of the Lightspeed system with lower standard options. However, a primary advantage for certain people was that it was slightly smaller. While most hospitals don’t consider this an issue, in some instances this factor made a difference for many clinics and imaging centers.

Other differences between the two machines included the fact that the LightSpeed possesses 32 slice and 64 slice. These versions are not available for the BrightSpeed platform.

The other notable differences are by the generator, table control and a few others, however, these aren’t exactly important to customers when purchasing this equipment as compared to other issues that may be raised.

While considering the subject of cost, the basic supply and demand factors have presently made the Brightspeed raise their prices since the supply of these pieces of equipment are available less in the market.

Identifying which system is best for a particular facility is generally dependent on the flow through requirements of utilization and the space provided.
It is essential to understand that the LightSpeed platform was created to be more robust and possesses more features, a larger generator, and a bigger tube. So for selecting the right machine, it comes down to the consideration of requirements and cost.

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