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How To Sell Your CT Scanner.

Once a medical facility decides to sell their medical imaging equipment, they might need to take some time to prepare for the sale. The following steps can be taken to prepare for the sale:

The original sale’s paperwork.

These documents would be able to answer most of the questions that potential customers may have regarding the CT scanner. Additional information about purchases, replacements, and other information regarding changes done to the machine can also be acquired.

Make sure the equipment works.

Potential buyers would surely want to make sure they are getting a fair deal on a properly functioning CT scanner. This also means that the potential buyers might want an inspection of the device.

Prepare for the inspection.

Gathering all the items that an inspector may need is a must to ensure potential buyers have a good look at the device they might be purchasing. Vendors should also provide the necessary accessories for patient use.

Proof that the system works efficiently.

The inspector may want to make sure that the images produced are clear and without fault. Calibration records, maintenance records, error logs, and other system details should be available for inspection by the potential buyers.

Establish a moving plan.

When meeting with potential buyers, it is essential to make sure that the seller would know exactly how the device would be moved out of the current facility and what routes to take.

Try to offer references.

When buyers make a purchase as significant as for medical imaging equipment, it can be tough to decide if the vendor is the right choice. If the seller has sold equipment previously, attaching references to determine how well the sales have been in the past can provide additional peace of mind to the potential buyers.

Whether you’re looking for a Philips MRI machine, GE x-ray system or even a GE CT scanner for sale, it is essential to make the right choice. The vendors matter when making medical imaging equipment purchases. At Amber USA we have a reputation for issuing some of the best medical imaging equipment at the most exceptional prices. We guarantee buyer and patient satisfaction through Amber USA. Contact us now for inquiries!

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