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How Much Does A Portable MRI Machine Cost

Conventional MRI machines make use of incredibly large magnetic fields which then create magnetic resonance signals. These signals are then detected by the device and are further turned into viewable images. The large magnetic fields form exceptionally clear and detailed images without invasive techniques AKA cutting through the object scanned. However, it is a well-known fact that MRI scans are incredibly expensive. This is because MRI machines are incredibly costly to purchase and manufacture. They also require a lot of energy.

When it comes to soldiers or older people, these individuals need to be flown or transported all the way to a large hospital to be able to undergo an MRI scan. The most significant disadvantage is that the machines are huge and almost impossible to transport.

Fortunately, researchers have come up with a new technique in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. These devices are smaller in size and incredibly convenient because they are mobile. A portable MRI machine has become incredibly successful in the market due to its smaller, less expensive, and overall portable spectrometers where in some instances can even be powered through batteries.

With fixed MRI machines, the operating costs are generally easier to determine. Although mobile MRI machines are cheaper, the operating cost could be more expensive. These operating costs, however, are customarily offset and are justified due to mobile MRI units being able to cover a more extensive amount of services and can be moved towards multiple sites which would be able to generate more revenue than a fixed unit.

The sales price of a mobile MRI may vary according to the brand, and capacity of the unit. However, with all the additional costs included a proper quotation could be mentioned. Brand new MRI machines could be incredibly costly, whether it’s for a mobile unit or fixed. For this reason, refurbished equipment has become significantly prevalent in the industry and could merely cost a fraction of the price of a brand new device while delivering the same level of optimal quality.

However, before purchasing, it is vital to select an organization that is reliable, efficient and has a reputation for delivering the best products.
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