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How Does Military Deployment Affect Timesharing?

Timesharing is an inevitable requirement fulfilled by many parents after separation except in rare instances. Fulfilling this responsibility the usual way becomes difficult if the deployment of a parent in the military comes into play. But serving the country is accepted as a part of the best interests of the child. Therefore, certain laws are available to protect military personnel.

The parent being deployed can designate another family member to take over visitation and timesharing. That is if the period of deployment is more than 90 days. If the parent being deployed was the parent with majority time-sharing, that parent has a choice. Majority of the timesharing can then be assigned to the other parent. Or another family member can be designated in place. Such designation must be informed to the other parent at least ten days before the date of the hearing.

In this day and age, those are not the only options available for divorced parents awaiting deployment. Other forms of communication such as video calls can also be included in the settlement agreement. It is always better to see familiar faces on the other side of the screen rather than just hear voices. Even times and durations of the calls can be included in the agreement. That is because the place of deployment can cause issues with time zones.

When it comes to divorce settlement agreements, it is best to not take anything for granted. Make sure that your Divorce Attorney Lake Mary FL is informed about all these issues. And also, takes action to include everything in the agreement leaving no space for loopholes.

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