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Flexible service plans for your medical imaging equipment.

In life, you may be required to make a variety of important decisions that can have a long term effect on you. Choosing the best service contract for your medical imaging equipment is no exception.

From large hospitals to smaller clinics and all other medical facilities in between, there is a variety of service needs that would be unique to each facility. Amber USA has devised this article that lists the three most flexible service plans offered in the current medical market to make your decision is a little easier.

1. The full-service contract.

In this type of service contract, all the parts and labor needed for maintaining the system’s performance would be covered under this contract. However, you need to keep in mind that third-party service providers may charge you overtime if your service call is placed outside the standard business hours. Fortunately, Amber USA issues 24/7 efficient service to all clients to make sure they are able to keep their medical practices running without obstacles.

2. Shared risk contract.

Not every service provider offers this type of service plan. However, it is becoming more common. If you’re looking to save money on your service plan, this might be the option for you.

3. Parts-only contract.

As the name states, this contract issues only the necessary service by providing the required parts. If you have a readily available engineer on site to tend to your equipment needs, then this service contract may be suitable for your facility.

When purchasing a service contract for your medical imaging equipment, make sure you spend the necessary time to go over the entire agreement. A reputable firm may be able to provide you with both – the equipment you need plus the right service contract to fit your needs. Enter Amber USA.

Amber USA is a long-standing firm that issues only the best service in addition to high-quality used and refurbished radiology equipment to make sure medical facilities are able to conduct their medical practices effectively.

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