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Different Brain Conditions That An MRI Scan Can Detect.

Medical imaging centers can perform as many as 30 million MRI scans every year in the United States alone. In addition to that, 6.6 million of those are head scans. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the more common medical imaging scans taken due to its precision in being able to provide accurate diagnostic imaging. MRI machines use radio waves for producing detailed images of organs and tissues within the body.

MRI scans can also create 3D images that can be viewed by doctors and patients from different angles and most effectively used for diagnosing problems within the brain.

So what are the conditions that an MRI scan of the head can detect?

  • Stroke.

    Strokes occur when blood vessels are blocked and begin to bleed into the brain. Signs of a stroke include severe headaches, impaired vision, trouble speaking, imbalance, and feeling dizzy. Because of the high resolution of an MRI, the scans can be used for diagnosing and spotting the weak arteries that can lead to a stroke.

  • Cysts and tumors.

    CT scans might not be able to detect small cysts that may appear on the brain. However, MRI scans are known for detecting these cysts and can also be used for brain tumor diagnosis. To do so, doctors may inject a special dye into the brain just before taking the head scan to get a clear picture of the internal structure of the brain. The images obtained from this method can then help doctors find hidden tumors and cysts that are nearly impossible to detect through any other method.

  • Abnormalities and brain damage.

    MRI scans can detect structural changes in the brain such as cerebral palsy, brain damage caused by trauma, and even development deformities.
    Headaches experienced by patients that have a different feeling from those experienced usually might be a warning sign to something more serious. A high-quality MRI machine would be able to provide the best results for diagnosis.

MRI machines have become a necessity for medical facilities around the world concerning its essential uses. If your facility is looking for good quality used or refurbished GE MRI machines for sale, Amber USA has a variety of excellent options for you to choose from including a range of other medical imaging equipment of different brands. Contact Amber USA now for inquiries!

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