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Conventional remote support vs. the MirAssist.

The phrase “remote support” itself signifies a variety of advantages over older traditional ways of service on computers to drive medical imaging systems. Medical practitioners no longer have to wait for IT professionals to read error messages and describe step-by-step procedures to support staff. Real-time access provides the ability to access the workstation software and define the problems for dedicated assistance in only a few minutes. Remote support is a significant tool for saving money, time, and manpower at a medical imaging facility.

In the current age, fortunately, there is a new method of receiving remote support that provides an even greater application-to-application support, i.e. MirAssist.

The following provides a basic comparison between conventional remote support and the MirAssist.

Traditional Remote Support.
Remote support for imaging software has typically been administered by support staff directly from the manufacturer. Under remote support models, the tech would log into the customer’s computer for performing support functions that are related to only the software issued by the manufacturer or vendor.
This method of support has provided the ability for organizations to increase the speed of resolving computer related issues and lower the overall technical support costs.

The MirAssist remote support model has multiple similarities to the traditional method. However, this method goes further than that due to the coverage offered, and it is termed a broadly-managed remote support solution across the entire workstation. Additionally, MirAssist provides a platform for simple submission using help tickets and reduces the workload for onsite staff.

MirAssist improves the traditional model in a way that provides a higher level of savings potential for many facilities and greater peace of mind for all the relevant parties.

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