Charlotte Hard Money Lenders For 2018
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Charlotte Hard Money Lenders For 2018

Charlotte Hard Money Lenders; the new face of financing

In a growing city where real estate prospects are high, investing even in a piece of land, a house or an apartment can bring you numberless benefits. This can be for purely personal reasons or commercial purposes. Anyhow, the excitement and the happiness you feel when you become the landlord of the property you always dream are measureless. Knowing this, Charlotte Hard Money Lenders has come forward with the best financing solutions. Bridgewell Capital doesn’t have the dark spots of typical private money lending; we have stepped up with a new face.

Just like any other hard money lender, Charlotte Hard Money Lenders prioritize convenience and flexibilities. Other than that, Bridgewell Capital has taken measures to make us unique by working towards ensuring the long-term benefits for investors. How could we have done that? You are about to find out.
We have introduced separate loan programs that fit the typical requirements better. That is, we have customized our financing solutions as per the most common reasons why a real estate investor would look for funds. By categorizing them, we have enabled you to have the most flexible repayment schemes. Thus, we assure you will not lose your peace of mind by settling for hard money loans.

The loan programs offered to you are as follows;

  •  Investor rehabs
  •  Rental properties
  •  Refinance cash-outs for investors
  • Commercial property loans for investors

For convenience, we have adopted easy and fast qualifying methods. By pre-approving your requests within five minutes time, we make sure we don’t cut off other paths for you. The completion of a single project in fewer than ten days is guaranteed; our professional customer service providers will make sure to that.
We can claim Bridgewell Capital as the most flexible private money lender in the States. Given that you can succeed, we provide adequate funds, efficiently. Additionally, Charlotte Hard Money Lenders give out a pleasant experience to all our customers, along with the following investor services to make things easy for you

*Proof-of-funds letters


*Project Consulting

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