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CAPA Software For All Businesses

The ideal system to have in place to manage and track issues 24/7 is a Corrective Action Software. A CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) Software is a software that has been designed to keep track of issues along with their respective corrective actions in one centralized location. Handling issues as they come without a proper system in place to address them will only result in more errors and problems. A Corrective Action Software is an efficient solution to this constant problem of managing and tracking issues and corrective actions on a real-time basis.
Here at Harrington Group International, we have developed the ideal Corrective Action Software for our clients, and it uses a combination of standard 5D, 7D or 8D problem-solving techniques. Also, the key feature in our software solution is that end users are capable of assigning issues to relevant employees so that they are held responsible for seeing the issue through to resolution. Accountability is the key here as it has been shown that problems that were assigned responsibility were guided through to resolution faster and more efficiently than when no response was assigned. Therefore, respective employees can be allocated with the responsibility of resolving the issue to ensure that the matter is addressed adequately and efficiently in a shorter period than it takes usually.
Also, another important process that is overlooked by most companies is the documentation process. We have addressed that problem as well in our software solution as we have provided for including all necessary details about an issue including affected processes, machinery, and personnel. Not just that, the corrective actions that were taken are also recorded so that the software can act as a knowledge base in the future when required. Therefore, contact us now to ensure that your issues are managed and resolved effectively while the documentation of Corrective Actions is also addressed properly.

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