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Avoiding Damages To Your C-Arm Cables.

When owning a C-arm, there are certain precautionary measures and lengths that are needed to maintain the level of service for the device. While these expectations come with every piece of machinery, for equipment whose primary purpose is to be used on humans and animals, it is even more important. With that being the top priority, there are certain common issues that can be avoided in C-arm experiences.

In this article, we focus on addressing the damages that C-arm cables may be faced with.

C-arm cable damages could be as minor as small tears in the exterior cover of the cable to as big as a large rip that causes exposure to the inner wires. These damages can not only lead to problems in the performance of the system but could also be a major safety risk to users and patients.

The following are three particular types of damages that can occur, all of which can be avoided through certain measures:

  1. The way the cables are unplugged. This applies to particularly the interconnect and power cable. Yanking out a power cable is a big mistake when it comes to power cables. These cables should gently be unplugged from the wall. The same process should be maintained for the interconnect cable. While the connection may vary based on the C-arm manufacturer, de-connecting the cables from the C-arm gently is essential.
  2. Damages normally occur to power cables and interconnect cables that may get run over by the wheels of the C-arm or when the cable is left exposed in heavy traffic. It is understood that these cables rest on the floor which makes it difficult to avoid running over them by accident. However, if practitioners can consciously avoid doing so, damages can be prevented.
  3. Grabbing the C-arm to be pushed and pulled around by the HV cable. There are multiple handles on the machine designed specifically to move the device around. Making sure to use those handles instead of the HV cables could avoid rips and tears in the cables.

These are simply a few ways to reduce damages to your C-Arm cables to help avoid downfalls in the future. Seeking the right C-Arm system for your facility can be tough, if you’re looking for a C Arm machine for sale, Amber USA can help! They guarantee high quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment and services to ensure satisfaction. Contact Amber USA now for inquiries!

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