Are reimbursements the same for all new C-Arm equipment?
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Are reimbursements the same for all new C-Arm equipment?

While it is generally known that anyone running a business has to spend money to make money, the saying doesn’t necessarily apply to C-Arm equipment purchases. In fact, for a medical facility looking to purchase C-Arm equipment, the prices may vary. They can expect to buy a piece of equipment for as little as 10,000 USD. However, it can range to as high as 400,000 USD which could be for brand new, just out of the factory, fully-digital systems.

When it comes to C-Arm equipment, the initial purchase won’t necessarily guarantee buyers better reimbursements.

Although, that is not to say that the cheapest C-Arm would always be the best choice. Relatively, depending on the approach taken for C-Arm use, the initial cost factor may vary on the impact it has for acquiring an adequate Return on Investment.

Perhaps, there may come a scenario where a medical facility is in a competitive market where it seems like refurbished systems would not measure up to the equipment leveraged by competitors. In that case, it may seem like the right choice would be to go through with the latest technology. Technologies are continually emerging in the medical field. However, when maintained adequately through an efficient service provider, choosing the right brand new C-Arm might just be the best decision made.

Similarly, it is essential for medical facilities to be aware that refurbished C-Arms in the market also offer application packages and features that might provide a competitive advantage similar to purchasing brand new equipment. The most significant benefit of refurbished C-Arm equipment over brand new equipment is that it offers these quality systems at nearly 1/4th the cost which is a plus point for any organization.

Whether your medical facility is looking to purchase a brand new system or a refurbished one, it is essential to consider the ROI.

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