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4 Questions You May Have About Dandruff.

Dandruff is a condition where white flakes fall from the scalp. Besides being very itchy, these flakes may fall from the scalp onto an individual’s hair and clothing. While dandruff isn’t exactly a serious medical condition, it can cause worries and annoyance.
Some of the most pressing questions people may have about dandruff can be answered in this article.

  1. What causes my dandruff?

    Sometimes, lack of shampooing may cause the scalp to build up oil which then results in dandruff flakes. Although, poor hygiene isn’t the root cause of dandruff and people can still develop dandruff even if they wash their hair regularly. Many people may experience dandruff. However, it would be more noticeable for people with dark hair or dark clothing.

  2. What side effects am I going to experience?

    While dandruff might not be the condition causing side effects, some dandruff controlling products might. It is essential to be careful when using certain dandruff controlling products. It is recommended to consult with a dermatologist before using any skin care products for skin care problems.

  3. Is dandruff contagious?

    Dandruff is, in fact, NOT contagious. People can’t give dandruff to someone else, nor can they “catch” dandruff from other people. Dandruff is simply more of a nuisance.

  4. Does dandruff cause hair loss?

    Dandruff does not cause hair loss. While it is possible for people to experience hair loss and dandruff at the same time, there is no actual connection between the two.

Dandruff can be pesky for anyone experiencing it. However, there are methods to treat it. In fact, a simple visit to the right dermatologists in The Villages FL can significantly improve your condition in a matter of time.
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