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What Else Can You Add To Your Parenting Plan?

When two parents divorce, certain particulars of bringing up the child/children need to be decided upon. In high conflict cases, these issues are not easy to settle. And even end up being dragged on to litigation to get the matters resolved.

The parenting plan is a written document which contains the answers to these matters. The child must more or less have a normal life even after the parents divorce. And this usually entails maintaining a healthy relationship with both parents. Time-sharing is decided upon for that. And this requires the shifts to be rotated between parents. The particulars as to which residence the child lives in during what time can be included in this guide. Moving the child between homes and other necessary details are usually included in a parenting plan.

Your parenting plan can have any and all the details that you may consider essential to be priorly decided upon. These may vary from case to case including some specific points apart from the general inclusions.

For example, what happens during the holidays. It can be helpful to have a holiday plan decided upon beforehand. Will each parent be getting the same holidays every year? Or will the parents be alternating the holidays every other year? Having these details decided upon can help resolve conflicts before they arise.

Any other particular points relevant to your case can be included in your parenting plan. Your Divorce Lawyer can help you decide upon which details to be agreed upon in this plan.

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