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What Do You Know About Your AC’s SEER Rating?

What is the SEER rating of your AC? Do you know what SEER means? Are you planning on getting a new AC? If you are looking to upgrade, it is best to know about the SEER rating.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The cooling output of your AC over a typical cooling season is first calculated in British Thermal Unit or BTU. And this value is then divided by the energy consumed in Watt-hours. That will give the SEER rating of the AC in question.

Usually, the efficiency of your AC will increase with the SEER rating of your AC. The SEER rating of your AC is an essential factor to be considered when choosing one. If you are upgrading from an old air conditioner, the difference will be quite prominent. The SEER ratings of most of those older ACs are usually 8 or 9. But modern ACs typically range around 14 or higher.

Also, remember that this rating gives the maximum possible value for that particular AC. That does not mean that the AC will function at that value at all times.

Also, ACs with higher SEER ratings will obviously cost more and will be a higher investment. When trying to choose between which SEER rating best suits your situation, professionals can help. Here at Air Tech of Central Florida, we do precisely that. We help our clients select the most suitable AC that is optimal for their situation.

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