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To Sign Or Not To Sign?

Did your spouse just give you a document and ask you to “just sign this”? No matter how trustworthy your spouse is, it is always best to obtain legal counsel regarding the document. Whether it is a prenup, postnup or a settlement, your Lawyer can give you the best advice.

There are many who come asking their Lawyer whether there is a way to reverse a signed document. Sadly, the answer is no in the majority of cases. Without a valid change in circumstances or some fraud having been done, there isn’t a way to reverse it. So the best option for you is to consult your Lawyer before signing anything.

It is still surprising to hear the number of people who place their signature on documents without obtaining legal advice. Set aside legal counsel, many don’t even read the document through before signing it. Trust is good, but it is always best to know for yourself what you are getting into. And the best person to tell you that is your attorney.

Divorce lawyers in Orlando have reasonable consultation charges for reviewing such documents and providing their legal opinion. Make use of the opportunity and don’t just walk into trouble. As tempting as it may be to just sign it and get it over with, don’t do it. There are countless times when a mere signature has caused many people to lose all they have. Don’t be the next in line to do that to yourself.

Erin Morse is always ready to provide her legal counsel to help you protect your rights. Contact her law office right away to get an appointment to start discussing your case. Expect nothing less than the best legal counsel when it comes to family law.

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