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Short Term And Long Term Effects Of Divorce On Children

When getting a divorce, it is vital to consider the child in the event of the dissolution of the marriage. As the marriage dissolves, some parents would find themselves considering staying together in an unhappy marriage just for the kids. Staying together for the children is one of the primary reasons married couples remain married in unhappy marriages.

Although all parents have their own worries in mind from looking into the future of what the end of the marriage would look like, the most thought of factor would be worrying about how the children would deal with a divorce.
Multiple research states that children generally go through psychological effects at the end of their parents’ divorce. Although there are ways for parents to minimize these psychological effects, it is essential for both parents to be aware of the fact that the child/children may face potential short-term and long-term consequences from the actions of a divorce.

The short-term effects may include:
• If the child is too young to comprehend the situation, a guilty feeling of responsibility for the divorce may be felt by the child.
• The child may become violent or aggressive.
• Emotional neediness.
• Concentration in school may be decreased significantly.

The long-term effects would include:
• Addiction to drugs or alcohol.
• Inability to commit to marriage or relationships.
• Get married too young.
• Behavioral problems.
• Less education.

Although it is not viable for a married couple to stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of the children, taking any measures for the sake of the child is critical in ensuring the child has a good life.

Divorce is something that shouldn’t be looked down upon by an unhappy married couple. It merely opens doors for a better future. Selecting the right Divorce Lawyer Orlando should be the primary objective of either party in establishing proper grounds for a better future for both parties and the child/children involved.

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