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Seniors With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a severe chronic mental health disorder suffered by millions of people around the world. It is a recurring condition that involves mood swings ranging between the “highs” of mania, and the “lows” of depression.

Treatment and medication in an attempt to reduce or stabilize the disorder, however, by a skilled Windermere psychiatrist would ensure that there would be a significant improvement in an individual’s mental health.

Attempting to stabilize the distressing effects of bipolar disorder in older people is a delicate matter. There were two standard medications developed for bipolar disorder to control symptoms that were tailored for older people adequately.

However, the question arises: How common is bipolar in seniors?

The exact number of seniors with bipolar disorder is currently unknown since disclosure sometimes goes undetected. Recent studies state that there is one in ten new cases that occur in adults over 50, however certain researchers believe that these numbers are too high.

One of the main reasons for bipolar disorder to go undetected is because the symptoms in seniors are generally different from younger individuals.
Instead of feelings of elation or depression, older adults have shown signs of agitation and irritability. These symptoms are typically misdiagnosed with normal feelings of getting older.

A few other common symptoms of bipolar disorder in older adults include:

• Confusion.
• Psychosis.
• Hyperactivity.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder in older adults can occur suddenly and become incredibly severe, and some seniors experience both the manic and depression episodes at the same time.

When dealing with seniors, it is essential to understand that getting older isn’t the reason for their condition and requires to be dealt with as any other individual would.

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