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How Often Do You Need To Change Your Air Filters?

Changing your AC’s air filters can be easy to forget and disregard. But dirty filters tend to get blocked sooner and will make your AC work harder. That will significantly affect the lifespan of your AC. Having to work harder to achieve the same quality of indoor air will drastically drop the lifespan of your AC. But remembering to change your air filters on time can help prevent that from happening.

In general, replacing your air filters every couple months will be enough to keep your AC running at it’s best. But several factors need to be considered to find out how often to really replace your air filters.

There are different types of air filters used by different ACs. Fiberglass filters, polyester and pleated filters, high-efficiency filters and washable filters are just some. You need to find out which type of filters your AC uses. Each category has a different lifetime, and that will help you figure out when to change your air filters.

Also, do you have any pets at home? Pet dander can easily get caught in your air filters and will cause them to be replaced sooner.

Not just pets. You also need to consider the number of people living in the household. The higher the number of occupants the more dust and dirt circulating around. And that will again cause you to replace your air filters more frequently.

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