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Could You Go For A Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorces are getting more and more popular these days as it helps to amicably part ways. But is a collaborative divorce right in your case? That’s a question you need to ask multiple times for yourself. And make sure that you still reach the same answer.

A collaborative divorce can help you save both time, money and even the pressure of going through litigation. But if it is just not the right answer to your situation, you might end up wasting instead of saving. Such situations include when one spouse is not cooperative enough to get through mediations and negotiations. In such cases, going for a collaborative divorce will only be fruitless.

A collaborative divorce involves a team including attorneys, mental health specialists and financial specialists. Each spouse has their own attorney and the others help to come to settlements. Conventional divorce via litigation can take it’s toll on you as it is extremely stressful and even time-consuming. If you are looking to avoid that collaborative divorce may be the way. But make sure that you consult your Divorce Lawyer before you decide.

Also, another important role is played by your Divorce Lawyer when you seek for your collaborative divorce. These divorces cannot be handled in the same vigorous manner as with litigation and in court. Your attorney should be capable of effectively negotiating with the other party as well. As there is no threat of litigation involved, there is a high chance of having to settle somewhere in between. So you should also be ready to compromise on your demands. But still, know the bare minimum that is needed to protect your rights.

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