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Spousal Support or simply alimony is a payment made by one spouse to the other after a divorce. What happens to this alimony when the payor spouse retires? Is the payor spouse allowed to retire just so as to stop paying alimony? Or is the payor spouse required to work even after the age of retirement to provide for the ex-spouse?

These are all questions faced by many who pay alimony and receive alimony. Especially if the payor spouse is nearing retirement.

The general age for retirement here in Florida is 65. So when the payor spouse retires at that age, will the recipient spouse be driven to poverty? Or will the payor spouse be required to work even after that age to keep up with alimony payments? Usually, that is not the case. If you have a modifiable alimony agreement, the payment of alimony can be stopped or reduced after retirement.

The court usually considers several factors when faced with voluntary retirement of a spouse paying alimony. Some of those are the payor spouse’s age, health, and work. The reason for retirement and the usual age at which one retires in the particular work area are also considered.

There are some cases though which require the payor spouse to work even after the general age of retirement. One instance is if the payor spouse’s retirement can cause the recipient spouse to be driven to poverty.

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